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Behind the Scenes with Solli Raphael, on the set of "Let's Make More Minutes Count" | Greenpeace Australia

Champion slam poet and author Solli Raphael explains why he wrote the poem “Let’s Make More Minutes Count”, on the set of the Greenpeace Australia Pacific video.

The video for the 13-year-old environmental advocate’s new poem discusses the current environmental crisis and the inaction of political leaders, and is both a sobering reality check and inspiring call to arms.

Solli describes a planet in crisis: plastic-polluted oceans, a reef in danger and a government unwilling to address the climate crisis we’re in. But he also speaks to the power we have if we stand together and hold environmental offenders to account with a collective voice.

“Writing “Let’s Make More Minutes Count” came from realising that it’s the minutes that really do count,” Solli said.

“From the minute a person chooses not to use a plastic cup or straw at a cafe, to the minute a person decides to join a protest to hold big companies and decision-makers to account. Each minute is an opportunity for positive change for our planet.

“Making this video with Greenpeace made me feel empowered and I really hope that anyone who watches it will feel empowered about the environment too. The more informed and empowered we are the better our future will be.”

Solli is the youngest ever person to win the Australian Poetry Slam, after claiming the coveted title in 2017, at age 12.

He has since appeared at the closing ceremony of the 2018 Commonwealth Games, the TEDx Sydney conference and has released a book of poems titled ‘Limelight’.


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