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Heaps Better Episode 4: How can we make leaders listen Made by Headliner | Greenpeace Australia

For collective action to succeed, we need to influence the influential. Who should we be targeting here, and how do we communicate about climate change in a way that actually makes a difference? We hear inspiring stories of everyday people making big changes through their words, voices and stories, meet friends in the Pacific who’ve been fighting this fight for decades, and work out how we’re going to change course to a heaps better future, together. 

Download the Heaps Better action plan from our website for a step-by-step guide to getting out of your floaties and speaking up to the people in power:

Check out the work of the Pacific Climate Warriors and here:

And the City of Sydney’s citizens jury here:

90% of Australians want action on climate change:

Annie Leonard and the Story of Stuff:

Heaps Better is a podcast made by Ash Berdebes and Jess Hamilton, with Greenpeace Australia Pacific and Audiocraft. Our EP is Kate Montague, mixing engineer is Adam Connelly and the Creative Lead at Greenpeace Australia Pacific is Ella Colley. Podcast artwork by Lotte Alexis Smith. This episode featured the track Kyoto Krows by HC Clifford. Special thanks to Fenton Lutunatabua, Joe Moeno-Kolio, Jess Scully, Rebecca Huntley and Annie Leonard.

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Written by Option

Option ist eine idealistische, völlig unabhängige und globale “social media Plattform” zu Nachhaltigkeit und Zivilgesellschaft, 2014 gegründet von Helmut Melzer. Gemeinsam zeigen wir positive Alternativen in allen Bereichen auf und unterstützen sinnvolle Innovationen und zukunftsweisende Ideen – konstruktiv-kritisch, optimistisch, am Boden der Realität. Die Option-Community widmet sich dabei ausschließlich relevanten Nachrichten und dokumentiert die wesentlichen Fortschritte unserer Gesellschaft.

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