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Heaps Better Episode 1: How can we be better planet savers? | Greenpeace Australia

Heaps Better – a podcast presented by Greenpeace.

Ash and Jess begin in a world of climate anxiety – and to get out of it they’re going to need a plan. We go back to basics – what even is climate change? And what do we need to do to stop it? We unpack the concept of collective action – why it works and where it’s worked in the past. We realise that  instead of individual action we need to work out how to change the system – so together, we’re ditching the guilt and self-blame and finding where our personal ‘superpowers’ fit within collective climate action.

So grab a mate, share this podcast with them, and then sit down and make a plan together. Download the Heaps Better action plan from our website for a step-by-step guide to Power Mapping yourself:

Ash has made you a Spotify playlist to listen to while you power map!!

Read the Paris Agreement here:

Tune in to Jane Fonda x Greenpeace USA’s Firedrill Fridays on the first friday of every month here:

Heaps Better is a podcast made by Ash Berdebes and Jess Hamilton, with Greenpeace Australia Pacific and Audiocraft. Our EP is Kate Montague, mixing engineer is Adam Connelly and the Creative Lead at Greenpeace Australia Pacific is Ella Colley. Podcast artwork by Lotte Alexis Smith. This episode featured the track Kyoto Krows by HC Clifford, and some lovely toe harp by Ash. Special thanks to the Greenpeace team for getting us out of the weeds and helping us make a heaps better podcast, especially David Ritter and his kids. Thanks also to Sarah Perkins Kirk-Patrick, Jarrah Bassal, Grace Gardiner, and Aunty Sue Hasseldine. 

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Written by Option

Option ist eine idealistische, völlig unabhängige und globale “social media Plattform” zu Nachhaltigkeit und Zivilgesellschaft, 2014 gegründet von Helmut Melzer. Gemeinsam zeigen wir positive Alternativen in allen Bereichen auf und unterstützen sinnvolle Innovationen und zukunftsweisende Ideen – konstruktiv-kritisch, optimistisch, am Boden der Realität. Die Option-Community widmet sich dabei ausschließlich relevanten Nachrichten und dokumentiert die wesentlichen Fortschritte unserer Gesellschaft.

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